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Introducing Andy Ellington, COO

The team here at yourLTL is excited to announce that we’ve hired Chief Operating Officer (COO) Andy Ellington. Ellington is a trucking and shipping industry veteran — his career in the freight and transportation industry dates back to 1998. We are thrilled to have the experience, energy, and drive as [...]

Accessorials: The What, Why, How

If you manage the shipping for your business, you know that there aren’t many things worse than getting hit with a charge that’s much higher than you anticipated. Perhaps you’re familiar with the freight industry, and if so, you’ve probably heard about accessorials. (Hopefully, you didn’t find out about these [...]

‘Tis The Season to Prepare!

When you select your shipping partner, what’s most important to you? If you answered: a strategist who values transparency and friendly, top-notch customer service, you’re in luck! That’s us.  When you partner with yourLTL, you’re selecting a shipping broker that values preparedness, open communication, and strategic planning. We know these [...]

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