Capacity Crunch is the Christmas Season of the freight industry. There may not be sugar plums dancing in drivers heads, and there’s definitely no appearance by Santa, but during this magical time, there is enough business to keep everyone busy-which is a plus for everyone involved.

A successful season sets brokers and carriers up with revenue for the rest of the fiscal year and allows shippers to get all their freight for the summer seasons and upcoming holidays squared away months in advance. With capacity crunch season quickly approaching, how do you make the most of this time? Read on for our tips and tricks for capitalizing on this busy time.

Understand the Needs of Your Shipment

Because capacity is under such a crunch, it’s extremely important to accurately measure and weigh your freight to know how much space it’s going to take up- this is called a dimensional quote. If the dimensional quote is off, your freight most likely will be bumped, causing its shipping timeline to be thrown off and angering carriers and customers alike.

Take the time to accurately measure the height, length, and width of your shipment with tape measures to remove all guesswork from the equation. Not only will you be able to guarantee the parcel fitting on the shipment, but you’ll also be able to plan your packing more efficiently, giving you the ability to fit more products in a shipment.

Use the Right Packaging

The correct utilization of space can make or break you during capacity crunch. Maximizing how many items you can move during a shipment will only benefit you during this season-so how do you do it?

Using packagings such as pallets and crates, you’re able to not only protect your packages but efficiently use the space within the truck to transport more materials.  Wrapping them up in shrink wrap also helps protect the freight while maximizing the space.

Handle With Care

This may seem like a common-sense step, but it’s worth repeating! The number one loss of revenue comes from a product being damaged or lost during transport and during capacity crunch this number skyrockets due to the sheer volume of packages being handled.

Take the time to do your due diligence during the busy season to make sure all packages are being handled with care. Utilize crush cones on top of pallets to go the extra mile for protecting them, or place cardboard in-between parcels that may nudge each other during transport. These extra steps may be small, but they’ll go the extra mile for giving customers peace of mind.

Have Questions?

Good! We have answers. If you have any burning questions about the shipping seasons, ways to protect shipments, or freight in general, feel free to reach out! We’re proud to be a resource for the industry with all our years of experience. Connect with us today!