yourLTL, LLC

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To be your Freight Management Software Solution with carrier connections that give us the ability to negotiate rates on your behalf.



  • Major: Transparency
  • Minor: Freight Solutions
  • Related coursework: User friendly software


  • Major: Cost Savings
  • Minor: Customer Specific Pricing (CSP)
  • Related coursework: Leverage carrier connections to negotiate pricing

Skills & Abilities


  • Manage your business with easy access to shipments that have been quoted, booked, dispatched, in transit, or delivered. The manual search engine is available to search shipments by date, BOL #, carrier, etc. You can also elect to receive automated notifications to serve as your tracking and tracing system as well as create reports to track your company’s progress.


  • Online quoting in seconds! After receiving a quote, book and dispatch from the same screen using the EZ Rate tool. Process more than one rate quote at a time and email them if necessary. Customer Specific Pricing (CSP), pricing tailored to your location, lane, and product is available. CSP gives us the ability to negotiate better rates for you as we gain volume.


  • Cobrand the homepage and system generated BOLs for your users by adding a banner that showcases your company’s name and logo.


  • Complete a Merchant Data Sheet and/or Product Data Sheet and let our team will do the rest! We will enter all of your merchants and product/commodity details on the back end for quick and easy shipment building once in the system. Use Classit or the Class Calculator to assist in confirming shipment details.