We’ve been praising the heroes for months now, and this week we want to give you a few tips for how you can become the hero for your own business.

Tip #1: Simplify the shipping process to save substantially.

When you work with yourLTL, a wide range of transportation options are available at your fingertips. We do the leg work to provide you with options—so that you can select the shipping carriers, terms, and prices that work best for you and your unique shipping situation.

Tip #2: Avoid unnecessary expenses.

If you’re using expensive and unnecessary accessorial services due to uncertain customer hours and receiving times, use yourLTL to find solutions. We’ll help you avoid extra costs, and we’ll help you STOP paying for redelivery fees in uncertain times.

Tip #3: Use financial savings to your advantage.

  • Keep employees working
  • Reinvest in inventory

Tip #4: Be strategic in marketing to grow your business.

Though it may seem contradictory to spend money on marketing during these times, strategic goal-setting and marketing will pay off in the long term. How can you be strategic?

  • Set a reasonable marketing budget
  • Design a short and long-term marketing plan
  • Connect authentically with your customers, don’t simply push sales
  • Provide value and build trust and loyalty with your customers
  • Be positive, yet also realistic

Use these tips and become the hero! Your team, partners, and customers will all thank you.

If you’re ready to learn more or get a quote, call us at 855.218.7LTL (7585).