We’ve been spreading a message of positivity and of hope (and we’re still feeling it!). Nevertheless, we all know that there’s SO much more that’s needed in America right now to get us back on track: strategy, business planning, information and resources, and a whole heap of hard work. 

At yourLTL, we pride ourselves on being transparent, honest, and direct. We’re positive and supportive, but we are also strategic, driven, and purposeful in our business. So we’re going to tell it to you straight.

Hope alone isn’t enough. 

A forward-thinking approach

Everyone is experiencing a lot of emotions during this pandemic. We get it. It’s hard not to! Not only are we all dealing with fear, anxiety, and uncertainty, many of us are struggling at home and work, with finances, children, relationships, and putting food on the table. To make matters even more stressful, misinformation is abundant, and mixed messaging is being shared all over the media, and people aren’t sure what to believe. As if our country needed another reason to be divided. We didn’t need it, but we got it. The state of the economy is quite literally a bona fide mess, and it’s an incredible challenge to balance positivity and business. No longer will we be resting our laurels on emotion—our business brains have kicked in, and we see the light, aka how we’re going to get out of this. A forward-thinking approach is essential. And lucky for you, that’s what we’ve got.

Solving problems like it’s our job (because it is)

At your LTL, we’ve always been problem solvers. The entire logistics and transportation industry is always solving problems; it’s what we do best. We thrive when we have puzzles to figure out and challenges to take on. Though we can’t solve the COVID problem ourselves, there are lots of problems we can solve. And you can rest assured knowing that we are always focusing on solutions—we’re here to help. We are in tune with many of the problems that the country needs to solve. We’re creative, out-of-the-box thinkers, so you can count on us in these times when we are always looking for new and improved solutions and ways to help you.

Financial resources to come back stronger

We can all agree that the economic consequences of COVID-19 are devastating. What are we going to do about it? We’re going to come back stronger. Here’s how:

  • We offer the same carrier and transit times, but with a lower price.
  • We provide freight insurance, which protects all of your commodities while in transit, without breaking the bank.
  • Our customer service team is here to help you with whatever you need, whenever you need it. No long wait times, no getting sent to a call center overseas.

We’re committed to being the very best partners you can select in the business.

Protecting our team and our customers

The health and safety of our team and our customers is paramount to us. We won’t ever put anyone in a compromising situation. We sanitize surfaces, our hands, and follow all of the guidelines from the CDC to protect ourselves and those we come into (distant) contact with.

Out-of-the-box thinking

A lot has changed in the last six weeks in this country, and we have had to pivot our business and become nimble in more ways than one. Commercial transportation is ever-changing, but there’s a greater need for organized, effective logistics and LTL transportation companies than ever before. We’re thriving in this challenge, leveraging solutions that we didn’t have access to before the COVID pandemic. We’re working hard for you—always thinking outside the box so that we can help solve your shipping problems, no matter what you may need.

Supporting America

The foundation of this country was built on hard work, and we’re unwaveringly committed to continuing to work hard for you. We know the crucial roles that logistics and transportation play in our nation’s supply chain, and we’re committed to ensuring that our business is built on strategy and execution that you can count on—no matter what.

A communication plan and a dash of gratitude

The most important thing right now is clear, direct communication. When you work with us here at yourLTL, that’s what you get. We’re a small business, but we’re mighty. We’re here working for you, keeping each other safe, and we’re committed to keeping you safe, too. Thank you for your support and your trust in us. We’re thankful for you. Onward!