Much like the weather, the Shipping Industry can also be broken down into seasons (with some being more popular than others). By keeping track of these patterns, it’s easy to predict when you’ll need more trucks and plan for shipping services. Don’t be caught off-guard or get stuck in a capacity crunch, we’ve got you covered.

The Calm Before the Storm

Echoing the retail season, from January to March is the slow season for shipping. This is the recovery time from the holiday craziness and allows for some breathing time. This is a great time to get in touch with carriers to finalize plans and contracts for the rest of the year in order to lock in the best rates.

Prices in this season generally favor the consumer (retailers) because demand is low, and shippers are extremely competitive with their rates.

Capacity Crunch (SOS Help)

April to July quickly escalates the pace of life with the onslaught of produce season. As crops are harvested, there is suddenly a shortage in supply of available trucks, making it difficult to get everything where it needs to be without arrangements being previously made.

This season favors carriers, who use this season as a way to make up for the slow start in January through March.

The Peak

Everything crescendos from August to October during back to school season. While most crops have been harvested and drivers have swung into their usual routes, there’s still an incredibly high demand-especially from retailers. As retailers prepare for the Holiday season, volumes of orders only increase.

This is excellent news for both carriers and retailers, as both are making money (which is the ideal situation).

Holiday Haze

While the retail season is just warming up, shipping season starts to slow. Most stores have already gotten their seasonal products in during The Peak season, and demand starts to dwindle. After the first few weeks of November, everything becomes stagnant, and many truckers take off the season to spend time with their families.

This completes the cycle and is the best time to start contacting carriers and brokers to plan for the next Peak.

Are You Ready?

Get the most out of busy season by contacting a carrier. Not only will you save yourself time and stress, but you can lock in better rates the earlier you sign the contracts. At yourLTL, we’re dedicated to getting you the best rates we possibly can so you do the best business you possibly can. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.