If you’ve ever had an unfortunate experience shipping something that ended up lost or damaged, you know how important it is to ensure upfront protection. If you haven’t experienced a lost or damaged shipment… let’s not have you learn this lesson the hard way. If you’re proactive in protecting your goods, you’ll save yourself a lot of stress on the off-case that something less-than-ideal should happen.

Protect yo’self

Don’t put yourself into a shoulda, coulda, woulda situation when it comes to protecting your LTL load. It’s not worth it. We make it so easy to prevent the financial disaster of damaged freight by offering upfront freight insurance to all of our customers. Trust us, the peace of mind is worth it!

Can I buy extra insurance?

We offer acceleRate cargo insurance, and the minimum investment you’ll make in protecting your shipment is usually well worth it. The cost is $0.25 per $100 of declared value. It covers property damage and the physical loss of the insured goods.

For example:

Freight Value Insurance Cost/Declared Value*
$800 $7.00
$1,000 $7.50
$2,500 $11.25

                                                   *includes $5 tech fee

You’ve got options

If you don’t feel like adding on additional insurance, don’t worry. It’s optional, so there’s no obligation to do so. We understand that for certain commodities, our customers take their chances without adding the additional coverage, and that’s totally okay. But, know that if you want it, it’s there for you to purchase.

No regrets

It’s all fun and games until… there’s an unforeseen incident, and you get hit with a huge bill that you didn’t expect. When you protect yourself, you won’t have any regrets that you could have insured your shipment and avoided the extra costs (and the headache!) that may ensue. We think you’re better off just avoiding it altogether.

Three cheers for protected shipping!

Call us today at 855.218.7LTL(7585) for a quote and to learn more about how to protect your goods.