As the weeks go on, we continue to learn more about the pandemic, and we continue to find new ways to be resilient, committed, and dedicated to YOU: our partners and customers.

We continue to send positive energy to all of the families who are struggling right now—however you’ve been affected by COVID-19, we wish you health, happiness, and that you can re-find the stability that you need to move forward in our “new normal.” We’re grateful for all essential workers and heroes who continue to surpass expectations to provide all of the services that we need to function as an economy. Additionally, we’d like to thank all of the heroes for their bravery and selflessness for family and community. 

Every one of you is essential

Don’t let anyone tell you differently—every person is essential. You’re all heroes! Many of you have stayed at home to contribute to the health and wellbeing of your personal families, your work families, and home communities. Thank you. And as you’re all moving into whatever the next phase of during-COVID-19, every one of you is absolutely key to re-centering business and restoring vitality back into your companies and communities. Here at yourLTL, we’re ready to help you and your company thrive—to grow vigorously and flourish.

The benefits of partnering with yourLTL

We’ve always prided ourselves on being strategic, communicative, and focused. We know you have a choice for who you select as your 3PL logistics partner, and if you’re weighing the pros and cons of your options, we’d like to share some of our strengths with you to help guide you in selecting the partner that is the best fit for you. Exceptional customer service, a commitment to transparency, and decades of experience are the foundation we’ve built our company on, and we’ll continue to exceed your expectations. 

We’re running a short blog series on the benefits of partnering with us. First up:

Shipping services on YOUR terms

We know that every business had unique needs, and we are here to be flexible and accommodating to each individual situation. When you work with yourLTL, you’ll STOP overspending for carrier services without compromising carrier of choice or transit times. You’ll ship using the most aggressive market rates available for your LTL and TL shipments. 

How do we do this? 

  • We help you realize substantial savings without compromising your choice of carrier or transit times. 
  • We negotiate directly with all the national and regional carriers that you are already choosing from. Our aggressive discounts are based on the collective volume of all shippers.
  • We share those substantial savings with you.
  • We’re always 100% transparent with the savings, so you will know where the savings are coming from.
  • And we always protect your financial viability to move forward.

Stay tuned for our next blog to learn more about why yourLTL is the best choice for your less than truckload business.