• yourLTL guarantees that it shall not adulterate the pricing of any shipping carriers on the “yourLTL” platform. All pricing displayed to Users will be the shipping carrier’s pricing with only our revealed markup. Total Transparency.
  • We work hard to have solid blanket pricing for LTL shipments, but the beauty in what we offer is Customer Specific Pricing for every customer allowing you to see the real cost in our shipping software, always!
  • your LTL guarantees that all accessorial prices for LTL shipments are that of the chosen carrier and that no accessorials have been marked up.
  • your LTL guarantees that any re-class or re-weigh shipments (or any other dispute) has been instigated by the carrier. your LTL shall dispute all re-class and re-weigh shipments (or any other disputes). In the event that we are not successful in disputing the shipment charges, the fee to the customer will be that of the chosen carrier and will not be marked up. No admin fees ever!
  • your LTL guarantees that our Full Replacement Insurance will not be marked up. We will reveal the exact insurance charge for the LTL shipment. If the shipping price changes up or down, users will be notified, and the price will be adjusted accordingly. Typically paid in 5 days*
  • your LTL guarantees that no Contracted User will be assessed any fee for any reason (not stated in the User Agreement). Each Guarantee is backed by 100% refund of any excess charges plus $1,000.
  • The ability to customize the shipping software platform for your business.

So give us a call! Let’s get you started.