During these unprecedented times when the entire world is dealing with the COVID-19 virus, we’re probably all realizing that we may have been taking everything for granted.

Time with friends and family. Kids spending their days in school. The luxury of travel. Countless trips to the grocery store, when we picked out fresh food. Package delivery. Voting in the primary election. Going to concerts. Attending church services. Watching sports on TV and in person. Socializing. Eating in restaurants. The list goes on and on…

One of the things many of us probably take for granted is the deliveries that make the world go ‘round. There are deliveries we receive every day (like mail or packages) as well as the deliveries that make “life as we know (knew?) it” possible, like food and fully-stocked products that are on the shelves in all of the stores we visit.

Digging even deeper—we may have been taking for granted the people who make all of this magic happen! Thousands of people in the supply chains of all businesses play a role in ensuring that consumers are able to get what they need when they need it. And now? How has this changed with the emergence of a global pandemic that has everyone protecting themselves as best they can? These very people are putting themselves at potential risk to ensure that deliveries arrive in stores and onto doorsteps. 

The people ensuring deliveries are heroes in this industry. They are what’s keeping all of us going, so we are thankful for them.

Essential business

We’re all used to hearing the terms nonessential and essential business these days. It’s impossible to escape the pandemic; it’s affecting everyone. The type of work that every business conducts has become classified as either nonessential or essential. Most states have restricted nonessential business over the last few weeks (and for weeks to come). However, essential businesses are still functioning. Warehousing, storage, and distribution, as well as transportation and businesses that “allow essential businesses to operate,” are considered essential. 

The logistics and transportation industry is literally the backbone of everything right now. Nothing would be functioning without it.

What’s the big deal?

There are many, many layers to how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the entire world. There are countries that typically export all kinds of materials whose factories have been shut down. Countries that are known for consumption have been forced to shut their doors for an unknown amount of time. Now that there’s a decreased supply as well as demand, as well as disruptions in freight by both sea and air, it’s safe to say that things are in a clustermuck all over the globe.

How are logistics and transportation companies affected?

Though many of the typical supplies that are delivered by transportation companies may not be in demand right now, things like medical supplies are in great demand, and the timelines for delivery are accelerated. This is literally a life or death situation in many cases. For supplies like medical masks, gowns, and life-saving devices like ventilators, hospitals in certain areas are increasing demand, and days of transport could mean lives are lost or saved.

The art and science of being nimble

Most folks who work in logistics and transportation are prepared to be nimble and always expect the unexpected, but the COVID-19 pandemic takes the idea of pivoting business to a whole new level. In just a matter of weeks, everything in the world has changed. With people staying at home all day and working from home, grocery store shelves have been ravaged, and deliveries of products to people on their doorsteps have skyrocketed. Many people take for granted that the food still needs to arrive on the shelves, humans have to stock the shelves, and humans are working the cash registers and keeping the business humming. Just thinking about all of the changes in every aspect of the world is daunting.

Package delivery

Prior to this pandemic, some people probably hadn’t hopped on the bandwagon of having goods delivered to their doorstep. It’s safe to say that if they hadn’t then, they probably have now. Because everyone is staying at home, things like food and other items are more likely to be delivered—don’t take for granted that someone had to make that magic happen! They are putting themselves at risk to make your life easier, so give them a tip, a thank you, and show your appreciation in any way you can.

Who are these heroes on the frontlines?

It’s pretty safe to say that none of us saw this coming. When most people started working in the LTL transportation and logistics industry, they didn’t necessarily plan for being on the frontlines of a pandemic virus, that’s for sure. Neither did many of the folks working in some of the other essential industries right now (with maybe the exception of doctors and nurses). However, even though it wasn’t anticipated, the positivity and good in the people who are making things happen in the transportation and logistics world right now is inspiring! 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

To everyone who is working so hard to keep the world humming, we thank you.