The team here at yourLTL is excited to announce that we’ve hired Chief Operating Officer (COO) Andy Ellington. Ellington is a trucking and shipping industry veteran — his career in the freight and transportation industry dates back to 1998. We are thrilled to have the experience, energy, and drive as the newest addition to our team.

Ellington’s background

Hailing from Chattanooga, Tennessee, Ellington’s business mindset has always been an asset to his employers. He started on a management track at U.S. Xpress, Inc., when he managed 20 employees who were responsible for expedited shipping and trace/track for all shipments. He honed his relationship management skills and collaborated with various partners to ensure timely shipments. He developed a knack for mentoring newbies and understanding the value of team building and slow growth. When summarizing day to day operations and how he’s driven success, he says, “it’s a numbers game, but I’ve also focused on customer benefits and training effectiveness and sales building initiatives with my team.” 

LTL business history 

Ellington’s work in the less-than-truckload (LTL) niche of the transportation industry dates back to 2002 when he got into the world of freight. One of his most significant accomplishments to date was organically growing Access America Transport’s LTL division from $0 to $45MM in eight years from 2006-2013, when as a company, Access ended 2013 at $425MM. He describes this growth period as “a lot of fun,” where he “thrived off watching people grow, unencumbered, to build a company based on relationships and trust.” 

How he became a master of business development

For some people, leadership comes naturally. Ellington learned the recipe for success at a young age — and he’s replicated his winning model repeatedly in the freight industry. How’d he do it? “By putting a good business plan in place, hiring the right people, and using foundations of trust and transparency,” he says. And he’s ready to do it again — this time to take yourLTL to the next level of our company’s growth.

Positioning yourLTL for growth

As COO of yourLTL, Ellington brings strategy, vision, and motivation for growth. He’s committed to designing a business plan that will significantly expand the company over the next five years using aggressive KPI’s. He’ll compliment business development by joining the rest of the team at yourLTL to develop and nurture outstanding client and partner relationships.

Values-based hiring and leadership to ensure success

A natural-born leader and mentor, Ellington is widely known for his exemplary management and mentoring style. He takes the time to hire the right talent and grow his team through values-based leadership. “I work for my people; they don’t work for me,” he says. He holds his team to high standards and believes in recognition, praise, and rewards. His proven track record of success in hiring and retaining hundreds of employees supports this approach. “To me, it’s always been more than just the job that drives me every day. I thrive in watching people grow and building a company that values relationships and individual and collective success.” This philosophy compliments the existing business model at yourLTL, which focuses on transparent solutions, pricing, and visibility into business practices.

A passion for LTL and vision for the future

It was by no accident that Ellington joined the team here at yourLTL. We are fortunate to bring him on in a year when it’s most critical for our growth as a business. As the pandemic has threatened the economy, and as we rebuild to be stronger than ever before, we are looking forward to Ellington’s strategy, leadership, and thoughtful execution of an aggressive business plan to grow and thrive on. Cheers to Andy! Welcome to the team.

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