You have a less-than-truckload (LTL) shipment that needs to arrive safely to its final destination without incurring any damage. Well, of course it does, that’s a no-brainer. Everyone who ships anything understands that! But once your package leaves your sight…you leave it up to others to safely transport it to its final destination. That requires a very high level of trust.

Even when you trust your shipping broker, and even when your shipping partners are best-in-class (as they are at yourLTL, there are unfortunately rare acts of god and accidents that happen that are beyond anyone’s control. That’s just part of life, and we all know that. 

So before shipping your precious cargo, even when you expect the best, you should always prepare for accidents. Consider whether or not it should be insured and how to insure it. Take the time to weigh the cost, the benefit coverage, and ensure that the items you are shipping qualify to be insured. 

Never fear: yourLTL comes to the cargo insurance rescue!

We anticipate your needs and have put together a cargo insurance program for 2020 that will knock your socks off! (But don’t worry, you don’t need to insure those.)

Shipping insurance and YOU

Here at yourLTL, we understand that everything you ship is valuable. We treat your shipments as if they were all our own, and we protect your goods the very best we can from the time they depart until they arrive at the final destination. That being said, in rare instances, accidents do happen, unfortunately. When these beyond-our-control accidents occur, it will feel good for you to know that your shipment is protected. Though you can’t control every unexpected cargo instance, planning for it is something that you can (and should) take into your own hands.

What is LTL shipping insurance

Shipping insurance ensures that the freight you ship is covered in the case that your shipment is lost or damaged in transit.

Why buy insurance?

Well, it depends on your shipping objectives. What are your insurance goals? Let us take a guess: you would like to save time. You want to save money on your cargo insurance. Bing! We can help with that.


We offer acceleRate insurance. It’s powered by Reliance Partners and offers full replacement coverage at great discounts compared to the carrier’s rates. You read that right. When you use acceleRate, we discount your rates. And the cherry on top? If you submit paperwork for a claim, we’ll settle it within 14 business days. That’s a win-win.

Policy certificates

In some cases, when you buy insurance coverage for your shipment, you’re required to have a cargo insurance certificate to assure the consignee that insurance is provided to cover damage or loss of cargo during transit. Not with acceleRate! When you’re insured with acceleRate, you receive complete coverage, lower rates, and don’t need a policy certificate.

I like the idea. What does it cost?

This, of course, is the million-dollar question. Wait, you might be thinking. I thought you said acceleRate was affordable! It is. The cost of acceleRate is $0.25 per $100 of declared value.

What’s covered?

When you insure with acceleRate, it covers property damage and physical loss of the insured goods. In terms of items you can insure, accleRate offers coverage for most commodities, but there are a few exclusions (items that are not covered) and conditions. As long as you declare the amount for coverage when insuring the shipment, you can insure your shipping costs, as well.

What happens if I notice concealed damage?

There are times when damage might occur to your package and it’s not evident to the recipient until the package is opened with an “oh no!” When this occurs, the damage is not observed or noted at the time of delivery. We follow the NFMC guideline that requires claims for concealed damage to be filed within five (5) days, so be sure to carefully inspect all shipments as they come in to be sure that no damages occurred in transit.

Are you claims-curious?

If you’ve ever had to deal with filing or waiting for a claim to process, you’re surely curious about how claims are handled with acceleRate. We offer a simple, fully-online claims process. All claims payments are expedited if full replacement coverage is purchased. Once filed, claims are processed quickly and are typically settled within 14 business days on all full coverage freight. There are no long-term commitments.

Need to file a claim?

No problem! Visit our claims page: to file a claim. Submit all of the required paperwork and your claim will be processed in an expedited fashion. Please note that claims must be submitted no later than ten (10) days after being notified of the damage(s).

Let’s talk payment

When it’s time for you to be paid out for a claim, payments are mailed to the insured via check or paid via Paypal (your choice). 

Are there packaging requirements?

If you pack your cargo willy-nilly, we can’t be responsible for that. Your shipments must be packaged to withstand the normal rigors of transit and must meet (or exceed) the shipping carrier packaging standards. Do yourself a favor, pack it right!

Nobody likes accidents or instances when you have to take advantage of insurance, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry! Want to learn more about acceleRate or yourLTL shipping insurance? Call us today at 855.218.7LTL (7585).