Before you begin a claim:

  • All transportation cost must be paid in full
  • REQUIRED: Vendor’s original invoice for the original shipment showing the price of lost or damaged goods, including the final page.
  • Vendor’s original invoice for the replacement shipment.
  • Consignee’s copy of the freight bill bearing loss or damage notations.
  • If applicable, itemized repair bill.
  • If applicable, Inspection Report.
  • Up to three photos showing extent of damage (required for damages)
  • A chargeback or debit memo is required on shortage claims.
  • The weight of the goods being claimed.

Cargo Loss & Damage Claim Form


Freight PRO # & p/u date (If unknown, attach a copy of the Bill of Lading):

Type of Claim

ShortageDamageConcealed DamageOther


Claim Check Payable To



If the claim involves damaged goods, please complete all that apply:

Attachments (limit 5MB per attachment)

Upload photos showing extent of damage. Photos must include picture of packaging – full view, including three different views of damaged product:

Some if not all of the attachments above will be required. Please upload as many as your customer provides at the time you file the claim.