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How to Make the Most of Capacity Crunch

Capacity Crunch is the Christmas Season of the freight industry. There may not be sugar plums dancing in drivers heads, and there's definitely no appearance by Santa, but during this magical time, there is enough business to keep everyone busy-which is a plus for everyone involved. A successful season sets brokers and carriers up with revenue for the rest of the fiscal year and allows shippers to get all their freight for the summer seasons and upcoming holidays squared away months in advance. With capacity crunch season quickly approaching, how do you make the most of this time? Read on for our tips and tricks for capitalizing on this busy time. Understand the Needs of Your Shipment Because capacity is under such a crunch, it's extremely important to accurately measure and weigh your freight to know how much space it's going to take up- this is called a dimensional quote. If the dimensional quote is off, your freight most likely [...]

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Ship Happens: A Breakdown of Shipping Seasons

Much like the weather, the Shipping Industry can also be broken down into seasons (with some being more popular than others). By keeping track of these patterns, it's easy to predict when you'll need more trucks and plan for shipping services. Don't be caught off-guard or get stuck in a capacity crunch, we've got you covered. The Calm Before the Storm Echoing the retail season, from January to March is the slow season for shipping. This is the recovery time from the holiday craziness and allows for some breathing time. This is a great time to get in touch with carriers to finalize plans and contracts for the rest of the year in order to lock in the best rates. Prices in this season generally favor the consumer (retailers) because demand is low, and shippers are extremely competitive with their rates. Capacity Crunch (SOS Help) April to July quickly escalates the pace of life with the onslaught of produce season. [...]

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Living La Vida Loca: How Shipping Helps Make Cinco de Mayo Possible

This Sunday is May 5th, but it's probably better known as Cinco de Mayo. This fun-filled holiday celebrates Mexican heritage, as well as commemorates the freedom and Democracy of former Mexican territories that were adopted into the United States. Depending on where you live, it's not surprising to see parties in backyards with groups of people swinging at pinatas and throwing back tequila while dipping tortilla chips in guacamole-but I'm sure you never paused to consider how getting those regional favorites is possible. Guacamole Guacamole has had a surge in popularity lately, due to the increased love for avocados, but this superfood's origins actually lie in Mexico, where most avocados are still shipped from to this day. The world guacamole itself comes from the Aztec word "āhuacamolli", which translates literally to "avocado sauce". This means next time you're at Chipotle and order chips and guac, you can thank your local LTL driver for helping make your meal possible. America imports 80% [...]

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“It’s All Greek to Me”: 5 Terms You Should Know in the Shipping Industry

Did you know that one of the first functional alphabets was developed in ancient Greece? This system of writing is one of the foundations for our modern alphabet, as well as many of our modern words. But, of course, there’s a huge difference between being asked to read The New York Times and The Odyssey. In fact, reading anything without properly understanding the words and context can make anything seem like, well, all Greek! The shipping industry may seem complicated with all its vocabulary, but with proper context, you’ll easily be able to understand the terms you need to know to communicate your needs and have a better experience all around. This blog will be your Rosetta Stone to the 5 need-to-know terms for freight shipping. LTL Freight LTL Freight, or less than truckload,  is exactly what it sounds like. Generally, this is for shipments larger than small parcels or packages, but less than a full truckload shipment. This is [...]

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Top 5 Reasons to Join yourLTL

yourLTL is a simple, easy-to-use platform. This innovative solution enables shippers to isolate and customize information to share with vendors, customers, or staff. Now, you can stay connected seamlessly all on one single location, yourLTL. Transparent. Data. No Added Fees. Customer Specific Pricing. Better Reporting.  

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yourLTL Welcomes Chase Smith as VP of Pricing & Carrier Relations

ALPHARETTA, GA  – yourLTL , a leader in LTL Platforms, is excited to announce that Chase Smith has joined the yourLTL team as Vice President of Pricing & Carrier Relations.  Chase brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in carrier relationships and strategic pricing. Chase enjoys relationship building, providing strategy and being a mentor who shares valuable LTL industry experience. “There’s an untapped market for transparency in the LTL space.  When all sides can be transparent that’s where the fun begins.  I look forward to making an impact and am humbled to join the yourLTL executive team,” said Smith.  

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LTL Shipping Guarantees

yourLTL guarantees that it shall not adulterate the pricing of any shipping carriers on the "yourLTL" platform. All pricing displayed to Users will be the shipping carrier's pricing with only our revealed markup. Total Transparency. We work hard to have solid blanket pricing for LTL shipments, but the beauty in what we offer is Customer Specific Pricing for every customer allowing you to see the real cost in our shipping software, always! your LTL guarantees that all accessorial prices for LTL shipments are that of the chosen carrier and that no accessorials have been marked up. your LTL guarantees that any re-class or re-weigh shipments (or any other dispute) has been instigated by the carrier. your LTL shall dispute all re-class and re-weigh shipments (or any other disputes). In the event that we are not successful in disputing the shipment charges, the fee to the customer will be that of the chosen carrier and will not be marked up. No [...]

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yourLTL Resume

yourLTL, LLC 1085 Powers Place Alpharetta, GA 30009 | 470.369.5585 | Support@yourLTL.com Objective To be your Freight Management Software Solution with carrier connections that give us the ability to negotiate rates on your behalf. Education Degree Major: Transparency Minor: Freight Solutions Related coursework: User friendly software Degree Major: Cost Savings Minor: Customer Specific Pricing (CSP) Related coursework: Leverage carrier connections to negotiate pricing Skills & Abilities Management Manage your business with easy access to shipments that have been quoted, booked, dispatched, in transit, or delivered. The manual search engine is available to search shipments by date, BOL #, carrier, etc. You can also elect to receive automated notifications to serve as your tracking and tracing system as well as create reports to track your company's progress. Quoting Online quoting in seconds! After receiving a quote, book and dispatch from the same screen using the EZ Rate tool. Process more than one rate quote at a time and email them if [...]

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5 Key Reasons to Use a LTL Freight Management Software Solution

1. Clear Pricing for LTL Shipping Go to one place to find shipping costs! Instead of wasting time going direct to carriers, pull multiple carrier shipping rates at once. Provide basic information such as pick up zip, destination zip, commodity details and weight one time and receive all the rates. It's simple! 2. Simple LTL Shipping Solutions If customers have special shipping requirements, there is no need to make multiple calls or log into multiple sites to find a carrier who can handle the shipment. Our quoting system allows for special selections such as Inside Delivery, Liftgate, Residential Delivery and more. With one click, the LTL shipping software system generates quotes from carriers who can handle your LTL shipment services. 3. Leverage New Technologies To provide better services to shipping customers and carriers, it is important for us to leverage new technologies. Our LTL shipping software utilizes API, a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other. [...]

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LTL Shipping Terminology: What is LTL Freight?

We've decided to better educate brokers and shippers on the LTL portion of the industry. The reason for most errors in the LTL shipping field are due to misunderstanding of verbiage, tools, or common shipping processes. So, we're breaking down common LTL industry terminology and concepts. Whether you're a seasoned shipping broker or new to the industry, you don't want to miss this opportunity to further your knowledge and find easy ways to explain the basics to others. Look below for a quick overview of what LTL Freight is. What is LTL Freight? LTL stands for Less-than-Truckload. This refers to any shipment thats does not require a full truck (48 or 53 foot trailer). There are many shipping carriers that specialize in and/or offer this service. LTL carriers often specialize in different services (accessorials) such as lift gate, residential pickups and deliveries, and guaranteed services just to name a few. While Full Truckload (FTL) carriers move full trucks of one [...]

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